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Rob Alberts has a passion for pepper grinders. Whenever he visited restaurants and requested black pepper, he would be presented with a small glass, plastic or wooden grinder with a cheap plastic or metal mechanism, which either did not grind properly or did not work at all. This led to a lot of frustration, and thus prompted him to start turning his own grinders, having had no experience at all. After many attempts, he eventually mastered the art of turning wood, and started making grinders for friends and family. The grinder mechanisms that he uses are imported, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Salt grinders have a ceramic mechanism and pepper grinders use a steel mechanism. He uses many different wood types, which gives the user a wide selection to choose from.

Names, company logo’s or any image can be laser printed onto the grinders. Africa's Big 5 are very popular, especially for international visitors to South Africa. These make wonderful wedding gifts, or corporate give-aways for their customers, and can be boxed in the same wood as the grinders, to make the gift even more special. He has supplied to customers all over the world, the USA, many countries in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and of course all over Southern Africa.

Salt & Pepper Grinders

47 Bleshoender Street
Sedgefield, WC
South Africa


+27 84 834 6970